Area of applications of QuickWave software for electromagnetic design and simulations.
QuickWave EM Software has a very broad variety of information which can be extracted from the simulations in a form of different pre-processings, co-processings and post-processings what creates a possibility to use it in a very wide area of applications. QuickWave is general purpose electromagnetic software enabling calculations of typical problems as S-parameters extraction, radiation and scattering problems, etc.The specific features of QuickWave include possibility of simulation of various frequency dependent and anisotropic materials, in scenarios including different boundary conditions as periodic bc or electric/magnetic symmetries. Special attention has been paid to assuring effective analysis of microwave heating problems. The software has been prepared to work in sophisticated regimes, modelling even complicated trajectories of movement of the heated load. Transfer of the heat generated by electromagnetic fields can be modelled with internal Heat Transfer Module or by coupling QuikWave simulations to external computational fluid dynamics packages.
Next to full 3D problems, QuickWave enables the analysis of Bodies of Revolution (axisymmetrical structures), using an ultra-fast 2D Bessel and FDTD hybrid solver (QuickWave Vector 2D). QuickWave BOR (V2D) is the basic software in designing of two-reflectors Cassegrain antennas used in telescopes as well as communication antennas, feeders with axial symmetry or sophisticated coaxial cables.
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