Heating in circular waveguide with circular polarisation
The present example considers heating in a circular waveguide with circular polarisation.
Circular waveguide with a bread stick.
Circular waveguide with a bread stick project in QW-Modeller.
Heating scenario assumes that a bread stick is inserted into circular waveguide. The bread stick has a radius of 15 mm, length 100 mm, and medium parameters corresponding to the temperature of 20oC (εr=4.17, σ=0.211 S/m). It is placed centrally in the guide of radius 50 mm. The waveguide is excited with circular polarisation.
Time-maximum envelope of dissipated power density across the load.
Time-maximum envelope of SAR across the load.
BHM Iteration Minimal temperature [oC]   Maximal temperature [oC]
1 -19.96 -13.26
2 -19.90 -7.83
3 -19.84 -3.99
4 -19.80 -2.41
5 -19.79 -1.54
6 -19.79 -1.27
7 -19.78 -1.10
8 -19.78 4.93
9 -19.77 14.41
Temperature evolution in consecutive BHM steps.
Time-maximum envelope of total E field.
Time-maximum envelope of Poynting vector.