18th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology Conference

Taipei, Taiwan
October 25-27, 2023
MPACT 2023 was organized by IEEE-EPS-Taipei, iMAPS-Taiwan, ITRI, and TPCA, bringing together professionals in the field of PCB and packaging. The conference took place from October 25th to 27th at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center alongside TPCA Show 2023, focusing on the theme "IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, and Metaverse". The symposium aimed to explore the latest electronic technologies and foster collaboration among enterprises and organizations.

During the event, Dr. Malgorzata Celuch presented recent advances in the iNEMI "Reliability & Loss Properties of Copper Foils for 5G Applications" project. The talk highlighted techniques for the electrical characterization of metallic foils developed by QWED in response to the project's needs. Considerations of electrical performance and PCB durability at mm-waves often posed conflicting requirements for copper foil materials and pre-bond treatments.

The presentation delved into the iNEMI consortium's rigorous study, evaluating copper foils from different manufacturers independently. QWED's original contribution lay in providing easy-to-use instruments based on mmWave resonator heads for measuring the effective conductivity of copper foil samples. These techniques eliminated the need for manufacturing a test circuit, delivering copper loss separated from any substrate losses.

The talk explained the physical fundamentals of the developed methods, illustrated with results of copper foil measurements in the 13-40 GHz range. Extensions to higher frequencies were underway. These testing methods aimed to empower copper foil manufacturers to enhance product quality and expedite new product development, ultimately contributing to advancements in PCB manufacturing and 5G technologies.

Details of the presentation were as follows:

Date: October 25, 2023
Time: 13:30 PM - 15:30 PM
Venue: Nangang International Exhibition Center, Hall 1, Taipei, Taiwan
Room: R504a
Session: Industrial session - "iNEMI"
Session Chair: Masahiro Tsuriya, iNEMI / Jeffrey Lee, IST
Presentation file available here.

The organizers expressed anticipation for an insightful presentation by Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, shedding light on cutting-edge developments in copper foil characterization for mmWave applications. Attendees were encouraged to stay tuned for updates and further details from IMPACT 2023.