QuickWave 2018
Software for electromagnetic design and simulations based on conformal FDTD method.
Dear QuickWave Users,

QWED has continued efforts on extending availability and functionality of the QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications.

We are pleased to announce that the newest QuickWave 2018 has been released.

Our longstanding experience in EM modelling shows that the simulation speed is an important issue. Radiation pattern calculations for very complicated or very big problems could take long time. In this release we focused on the speed of calculations of the radiation pattern. The calculating procedures were optimised to achieve a maximum speed of calculations - the sequential procedures are around 20% faster compared to the previous versions of QuickWave. Radiation pattern calculations have been fully parallelised for multiple NTF frequencies analysis.

MultiGPU version of QW-Simulator allows very fast simulations of large real-life problems with very high accuracy of the simulation results by taking advantage of extremely high performance of multiple graphic cards. Now, MultiGPU version of QW-Simulator allows fast radiation pattern calculations within fully parallelised calculation procedures.

Enhancements in simulation results presentation are always of our high interest. New display types and flexible display options in the 2D/3D Fields Distribution, Fields Monitor and 3D Radiation Pattern windows allow adjusting results displays to users' preferences