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QuickWave 2013
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Dear QuickWave Users,

QWED has continued efforts on extending functionality of the QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications. With the introduction of QuickWave 2013 we expand the possibilities with fast and easy project design, fast and accurate simulation and more flexible user interface.

The major requirements of microwave engineers during the design are to have a convenient way to import geometrical data from mechanical CAD software, setting a few simulation parameters and obtaining the results in a reliable time. QWED adjust the development of the QuickWave electromagnetic software to fulfil these needs. An improved QW-AddIn for Autodesk
® Inventor® Software, very popular and wide-spread mechanical tool, allows defining complete electromagnetic simulation directly in the mechanical data environment.

The speed of simulation is an important issue. Multiprocessor/Multicore and GPU versions of QW-Simulator allow very fast simulations of large real-life problems with very high accuracy of the simulation results.

In QuickWave 2013 version we also focused on the comfort using of the software introducing a lot of options for user interface adjustments.
discover accurate EM modelling
Download QuickWave 2013 brochure (3 MB).