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Revisions of QuickWave 2016
New features of QuickWave 2016

What's new in Patch1 for Revision1 for QuickWave 2016 (released 2017.02.01)

QW-Simulator: contour for thin layers available in the Test Mesh window
QW-Simulator: SAR component available in QViewer display in the View Fields window
QW-MultiGPUSim: synchronization improvements in calculation threads communication
QW-OptimiserPlus: SMN-Parameters optimisation takes into account "Set references to port location" option available in Preferences dialogue

Bug Fixes:
QW-Editor: project not saved for FDTD cells’ limited licences

What's new in Revision1 for QuickWave 2016 (released 2016.10.16)

QW-Editor: export warnings also printed to the console.
QW-Editor: wires export improvements for H/V wires grid.
QW-Simulator GPU and QW-Simulator MultiGPU: overlapping ports excitation improvements.
QW-OptimiserPlus: S-Parameters optimisation takes into account "Set references to port location" option available in Preferences dialogue.
QuickWave ACADEMIC licenses available (more information available here).
QW-AddIn: lumped impedance elements available.
QW-AddIn: QuickWave AddIn v2016 x64 rev2; Compile number: 1.4.047  - 2016.09.28

Bug Fixes:
QW-Editor:  incorrect wiregrid view in the 3D window.
QW-Simulator: incorrect wiregrid view in the Test Mesh window.
QW-Simulator: incorrect component in the  Lumped Info dialogue in the Test Mesh window.
QW-Simulator: crash while opening View Envelope window for Temperature/Enthalpy component in the Space domain.
QW-Simulator: crash for Save Pdiss Energy and Save Enthalpy tasks family.
QW-Simulator: PlaneWave sources not available in the waveform list in the View Envelope window.
QW-Simulator: incorrect calculation of thermal parameters without Temp column in the PMO file.
QW-MultiGPUSim:  incorrect Farfield view in the Antenna 3D window.

What's new in Patch1 for QuickWave 2016 (released 2016.08.04)

QW-Simulator: more than 1 million cells for template calculation allowed.
QW-GPUSim: optimization of scheduling latency diminishing CPU overhead.
QW-MultiGPUSim: optimizations of data transfers between subregions netting noticeable improvement for subregion borders in X direction.
QW-MultiGPUSim: "Selected Dens Media" option enabled in Power&Q calculations.
QW-AddIn: marker for cell size step between adjacent mesh cells.
QW-AddIn: Snap to Planar Surfaces: option to generate Special Planes as anchored object.

Bug Fixes:
QW-Simulator: fixed view for 3D radiation pattern for Theta and Phi starting values other than 0.
QW-OptimiserPlus: fixed results not found error for |Axial Ratio| objective.
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