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Version 6.5
New features of QuickWave software version 6.5

Dear QuickWave Users,

QWED is introducing a new version 6.5 of QuickWave-3D and QuickWave-V2D electromagnetic simulators. The new version replaces version 6.0 released last year.

According to our earlier plans, QWED has continued efforts on extending functionality of the software as well as the scope of its applications. We have also followed the current trend of hardware developments by introducing a version for 64-bit Windows systems. Below we shall signal the main changes introduced in version 6.5. The description will be brief because in most cases we will be simply referencing the appropriate sections of the extended Manuals.

1. 64-bit Windows version

2. OMP version

3. Major extensions of the periodic option

4. Re-structuring and extension of NTF postprocessing

5. Lumped RLC elements

6. Extension of one-dimensional envelopes

7. Simulator display of dispersive media characteristics vs frequency and improved treatment of boundaries between dispersive and non-dispersive media

8. Put/Get UDO parameters (*.udp files)

9. Analytical TEM source (planeTEM) for one-wall plane wave excitation in large circuits

10. Saving Fields Monitor

11. Fields Monitor in QW-V2D

12. TEM template in QW-V2D

13. Improvements in QW-BHM

14. Improvements in QW-HFM

15. New tasks and new Configure Breakpoints facilities

16. Separation of Grid Search and QW-OptimiserPlus options

17. Major improvements in QW-OptimiserPlus

18. Image Filter

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