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GPU version of QW-Simulator

QW-AddIn for Autodesk® Inventor® Software

FD-Monitor 3D

Subtasks can work simultaneously

Multipole dispersive media

QW-OptimiserPlus improvements

Integration of dissipated power over time

Big project scalability

New functions in View Results window

Additional parameters for 3D Radiation Patterns

New users friendly functions in View Envelope

QW-BHM regime with changing excitation

New Tasks

New Breakpoints

New UDO commands

New functions in UDO Editor

Other improvements
QuickWave 2012
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Dear QuickWave Users,

QWED is introducing a new version 2012 of QuickWave-3D, QuickWave-V2D electromagnetic simulators. According to our earlier plans, QWED has continued efforts on extending functionality of the software as well as the scope of its applications. Below we shall signal the main changes introduced in version 2012. The description will be brief because in most cases we will be simply referencing the appropriate sections of the extended Manuals.
discover accurate EM modelling
QuickWave 2012
new features brochure